Preschool Transition

Welcome to Preschool Transition!

We would like to welcome you and your child to the Preschool Transition (PTR) classroom.  This is an exciting time for you and your children. PTR is an extension of learning and exploration from the toddler room, it is a room which focuses on preschool readiness. During this time of development toddlers are preparing for preschool and working hard on developing school readiness skills through a variety of hands on activities and open-ended play experiences. Toddlers in this room are encouraged to be active participants in their learning experiences, with special emphasis on school readiness. We provide an open area where children can strengthen their development through various domains including physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive and creative arts development. PTR fosters the development of school readiness skills through structured activities specifically designed to resemble a preschool classroom's structure and environment.

They are encouraged to advocate for themselves by taking initiative, problem solving and practicing their developed social skills. Teachers continue to provide a language rich environment by continuously talking to the children and labeling what they see the children doing. Teachers pay special attention to allowing children to be problem solvers, and resolve their own conflicts with appropriate support when needed. We have a structured schedule that helps to provide a consistent routine that is developed to resemble a typical preschool schedule.  The class follows a teacher developed curriculum that is developed using the interests and developmental needs of the specific children in the classroom. Emphasizing the inclusion of biblical concepts, and academics that implement school readiness skills and preparation.  The children are offered a balance between teachers directed and guided activities as well as free choice exploration in designated learning centers such as dramatic play, blocks etc.

You will recieve an electronic daily correspondance through the HIMAMA APP with information pertaining to your child's day including activities, bathroom times and rest time. We encourage you to speak with your child's teacher if you have any specific information you need to know about you child's day, so we can be sure it is included in the report. Lunch times will be put away and nothing will be thrown away, so you are able to see how much your child consumed. (Unless there is a safety issue or food can spoil easily). Please be sure to look over the supply list in the enrollment packet to know what items are suitable for the toddler room.

Parent-teacher relationships:

We support a collaborative approach in our classroom and we believe that you- the families, play an amazing and important role in tour child’s development and goal setting. Working together and consistency between home and school ensures a successful experience for all. We welcome dialogue when it comes to ideas and suggestions for the classroom as well.

Child-based curriculum:

Curriculum at Daycare at Dayspring is centered on each child’s individual interests and needs. We recognize the universal patterns and milestone of child development and strive to promote healthy development in all of our students. Our curriculum framework is based off of state recognized curriculum and developmentally appropriate practice. Our approach is based upon age appropriate practices which reflect the needs and interests of the children. We value the fundamental premise of early education; however the curriculum is created around each child as an individual, tailored to unique developmental capabilities, temperamental characteristics and learning styles.  Our approach surpasses textbook developmental guidelines and is built anew each day to be individually appropriate to the changing interests, abilities and needs of children in our program.


It is very important that you label all items that your child may bring to school with them, clothes, cups, lunch bags and all its contents. This is to ensure that nothing is lost or mixed up.

Classroom Supplies:

Family contribution to the classroom supply pool. (Part time children: 3 packages of wipes, 1 box of tissues, and 2 packages of lysol wipes. Full time children: 4 packages of wipes, 2 boxes of tissues, 1 lysol spray, and 2 Lysol wipes per month. When you bring in the supplies, be sure to label them with your child's name and date. Sign and check off the month you are bringing these items in for on the monthly classroom list, so we can better keep track of who to notify if supplies are needed. 

Snacks and Lunch:

It is the families’ responsibility to include all snacks and lunch items. You may label all items in order to indicate which you would like your child to have. However be aware that we do not force children to eat food and will offer other choices from their lunch box if they are not eating something else. Please keep all food stored in their lunch boxes with an ice pack. All heated items will be heated for no more than 20 seconds, unless otherwise indicated.  PLEASE DO NOT PACK ANY INGREDIANTS CONTAIN NUTS.

Rest time:

For rest time your child will have a cot, you are responsible for bringing in a crib sheet to fit on the cot, as well as any other rest items your child may need. Feel free to bring a child sized pillow and blanket. Your child may bring in one rest item. If your child has a pacifier, it is only during rest time they will be able to have them. Over time, we help support the phasing out of pacifiers- please communicate with us more if this is something you would like to discuss.


We have several points during the day when we offer children to try the restroom. We change diapers as needed, but also have specific times (see schedule) when diapering and bathroom is offered. We encourage children to begin to listen to their body signal and communicate with the teachers when they need to use the bathroom. Our goal is to instill independence in self-care activities, so we encourage children to use the toilet, wipe and put their clothing on with some support, as needed. In this classroom there is a large emphasis on potty training, please speak with your child's teacher about potty training so you can develop a plan together. 

Prescool Transition Schedule (Subject to change)

7:00 Good Morning! Open with toddler room

7:30 Separate, breakfast/ freeplay

8:30 Morning Welcome

8:45 Morning circletime

9:30 Toileting

9:45 Cleanup & snack

10:00 Academic circle time

10:25 Center choice & Small group activities

11:15 Bathroom before outdoor play/ Gross Motor

12:00 Restroom and Library Time

12:45 Lunch time

1:00-3:00 Rest

3:00 Bathroom/Wash hands

3:30 Afternoon snack

3:30-4:30 Center Choices

4:30 Combine with TOD

4:30-5:45 Toileting, Center choices, Outdoor time

5:45- Combine with TTR, Light playing, Reading

6:00 Center Closes




Ointment (whatever you use at home)

Two (2) changes of clothes – seasonal

Two (2) pair of socks – seasonal

Hat – appropriate for the season

Extra mittens (one pair should be attached to jacket with mitten clips).

Shoes (extra pair to wear inside the classroom during winter time)

Crib sheet for cot

Blanket for rest time  (pillow, soft toy .. whatever your child use at home to rest)

Lunch box with ice pack to store food, we will microwave anything that needs to be heated.

Sippy cups/water bottles etc- can store milk cups in fridge

Sun screen – seasonal

Bathing suite, towel & water shoes (seasonal)

Winter gear- snow suit, boots, mittens (seasonal)

Please label all of child’s belongings

Classroom Monthly Supply Pool:

Full Time 5 Day Students:                                           Part Time Students (anything less than 5 days)

- 4 Packages Baby Wipes                                             - 3 Packages Baby Wipes

- 2 Boxes Tissues                                                        - 1 Box Tissues 

- 2 Lysol Sprays                                                           - 2 Lysol Spray

- 2 Packages Lysol Wipes                                             - 1 Package Lysol Wipes