The Preschool at DCA offers a program equipped to help children develop school readiness skills that will prepare students for success in elementary school. The foundation of the preschool program incorporates the academic curriculum ABeka Book, as well as bible integration guided by Purposeful Design. The teachers integrate biblical concepts into every aspect on learning to truly exhibit a Christian World View. The teachers offer support for children in order to help them grow and strive emotionally, physically, academically, mentally and spiritually.  Throughout their pre-school experience,  the children will be taught the foundations of learning in order to prepare them for their journey ahead in elementary school, and beyond.

Pre-School Department Head

Kelsey Hayes was born in and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. She has been married for a little over two years. Kelsey has been in the field of education for about 10 years now, with a various experiences in the early child care setting.  She has worked in the preschool setting, daycare setting and has directed Sunday school programs at two different settings. Kelsey also has experience working alongside children in special education and early intervention programs. Kelsey attended a Christian University, Lipscomb University, in Nashville for some time studying Nursing as well as Theology and Ministry. After this endeavor, Kelsey received a Degree in Early Childhood Education. Kelsey will shortly complete a second degree in Child Psychology with a concentration on Child and adolescent development.  Kelsey has plans to further her education by obtaining a MA in Educational Leadership.